VEA Mission

This is an exciting ministry opportunity; these students come from a restricted access nation where it is against the law for anyone to share the Gospel with them in their own country. The majority of these kids have never heard, nor will ever hear, the love of Jesus in their lifetime. BUT THEY ARE COMING ... Read More

About Vineyard Education Association

Vineyard Education Association is a Christian organization that places students from China in loving homes in America so that can get an education while learning about the Gospel. VEA began in 2012 as a small ministry in the home of Chris and Hannah McGowan in Grandview, MO.  They were asked to house a Chinese international ... Read More

VEA Program Structure

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an international student come and live with you and your family while he or she attends school in the USA? We live in a great county that offers many different opportunities for young people who want to experience the differences in everyday life in ... Read More

Guide to Hosting a Student

Hosting an international student in your home can be a very rewarding experience.  For some potential host families, the prospects of hosting a student can seem daunting. Worrying about food, accommodation, your responsibilities and other matters are all very common but you will find many of these can be alleviated by the simplest of preparations.  ... Read More